"shooting stars..." la repubblica

UBERMORGEN.COM is an artist group created in Vienna, Austria in 1999 by lizvlx & Hans Bernhard [founder of the famous net.art group etoy, the etoy.CORPORATION]. They create their artistic work out of the leftovers and stepovers of Net.Art and its inherently system-critical dispositive, as well as from the so-called "post pop-culture" like formula I and governemental documents.

"brilliant..." the new york times

Behind UBERMORGEN.COM we can find one of the most uncatchable identities - controversial and iconoclast - of the contemporary european techno-fineart avantgarde. ubermorgen is a german word for "super-tomorrow".

French philosopher Jean Baudrillard once said about UBERMORGEN.COM: "ubermorgen means the day after tomorrow, a slight tip towards their aestehtic and activist vision and prejudice, they are hardcore and radical in their actions and they are extremely strange and highly intelligent people."

The permanent amalgamation of fact and fiction points toward an extremely expanded concept of one’s working materials, which for UBERMORGEN.COM also include international rights [Legal Art], democracy and global communication networks. During the last years, UBERMORGEN.COM has focused on the conception and realization of projects which are "on the edge of the law" and they have been persecuted by both U.S. and diverse European police groups.

UBERMORGEN.COMs core activity is "Media Hacking" and "Digital Actionism" (digitaler Aktionismus) , as well as "Shock Marketing" and "Drama Marketing" by using "Negative Affirmation"- finding weak spots on and off the global market of attention. The main UBERMORGEN.COM targets are the international mass media and the fine art market. Due to this fact, several thousand news features were published on UBERMORGEN.COM and it’s spectacular projects

UBERMORGEN.COM have been participating in exhibitions in galleries and museeums worldwide, they became internationally popular through their "Media Hacks" and "Legal Art" actions such as "Voteauction / Vote-Auction", "NAZI~LINE" [with Christoph Schlingensief], "Injunction Generator / Ipnic.org" and "Bmdi.de". Hans Bernhards work includes etoy, the etoy.CORPORATION, the digital hijack, etoy.SHARES, the etoy.TANK-SYSTEM and the etoy.holding

Prix Ars Electronica: 1996 Hans Bernhard / etoy was awarded with the golden Nica for the digital hijack. 2005 UBERMORGEN.COM received a Award of Distinction for Voteauction.


UBERMORGEN.COMs activities are featured worldwide, from Artforum, Nettime, Domus to CNN, Fox, CBS, ABC, from the New York Times, Le Monde, NZZ to all leading Online Publications and underground media: Neural.it, Hacktivist, Samisdat, alt.bin.kittenporn, etc.

"There are not many artists who can present live action – a global mass media performance - and the documentation, in one piece, of an artwork in the form of a videotape containing a 27 minute broadcast from CNN." Flash Art

"The first internet-pop-generation" Shanghai Daily News

"sachlich und pervers..." NZZ - Neue Zuercher Zeitung

„Art must look for a position beyond the crisis of  representation and beyond the image wars straight into the blind spaces of the black and the white [THE_WHITE_WEBSITE by UBERMORGEN.COM] and the non-existing twilight zone in our space.“ Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Nettime

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