Title: ART FID

100x100, digital prints on canvas, 2005, Edition of 5 +1 a.p.


Presented for the first time in Basel, Switzerland, UBERMORGEN.COM showed an installation and paintings (digital prints on canvas) around RFID technology, the ART 36 Basel and high end computer generated fine art. The piece consisted of 3 canvases and one computer projection with a yellow scrolltext [The Computer-Animation: Scrolltext/Lauftext].

ART FID was created as a product in the tense field between fine art, new media art [] and high tech. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is one of "THE" leading technologies of the future. As artists it is our intention to work on the edge of the technical revolution with low technology tools.

The RFID-chips appear as almost organic in form, as cellular in structure. This edition of three very similar but slightly different RFID-chips tells us a story of bio-technology and digital technology morphing visually into each other: The pixel is the molecule!

The installation was presented at LISTE 05 - Basel and at Artissima 12, The international fair of contemporary art in Turin, Arte Fiera Bologna and in a Solo-Show at Fabio Paris Art Gallery, Brescia (Italy).

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