ART FID Wallpainting & Installation
Photo by Bozica Babic, Courtesy HMKV Dortmund

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HMKV Dortmun
Text by Domenico Quaranta

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Wallpainting 1 (Large)


Wall Painting

Title: ART FID Wall Painting 1

2006, 590x405cm

five/5 signed certificates (instructions, photo, diagram)


The ART FID Wall Painting 1 can exist simultaneously on several walls in different museums, galleries, or homes, but each holder of a certificate is only allowed to have one painting at the time. Depending on the selected wall, the painting can also vary in size.

The wall painting "ART FID Wall Painting 1" was shown first at Hartware Kunstverein Dortmund (Solo-Show)Text by Domenico Quaranta.

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