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the great brainhard MELTDOWN the great bank robbery

what is it for,

how does it feel,

why do you do it?

how can you do it?

read this long long [draft!UNRELEASED!!!] text only if you enjoy reading or if
you like me, INTERNET POP STAR HANS 2002 and ubermorgen:: : and etoy;;, and are
interested personally in what was and will be going on in me brain and my
network; otherwise, goto the end and check out the synthesis, please do so, also,
you all need help and if you dont get help from me, please get help somewhere!
maybe from ali g, madonna, joshua davis, marc shuttleworth, whoever is stable
and ready for ya! ragga!babes#1

__ the great meltdown HANS2002

it feels great, after so many 30 years of hard struggle and fighting; shit it
out.. let it out.... the ultimate meltdown in south africa, in a 5-star
high-quality hotel at the nelson- mandela- ravi- naidoo- design- indaba-
waterfront, the brain can stop working or better said, neurologically said, it
can melt down, synapses can fuse and the light and laser will be your little
helper. the fusion was during the indaba talk 2002 at the superdome in capetown,
artscape theater/opera-house; there it all came down, anti-bacteria medication
with gucci by prada apple labtops with etoy with ubermorgen with hans_extrem with
HANS2002,AND tomato and praystation cutting of my head during CNN special "burden
of proof";

how many roads must a man walk down,

until he can call himself a man!

reconstructive pop n' roll

now you can become what you are, a real star in the sense of a visionary for your
generation, not a writer, not an actor, not a singer, nothing but everyhting, its
called new media, or numedia in eastern europe, its called the net... it is
convergent, you can be everyhting but nothging or everyhting and nothing at the
same time, you have the platform to transmit everyhting or nothing or both... but
its so logic if it comes through and from the net; it is what slycer and aaron
work on, ip4 and ipv6 mapping geo strato mathe physical; CNN works on it, it has
no name, call it 2002 for now, hahaha... we make it a single, right kyle!? [ you
gotta know less to nothing, to understand more to everything!]

you cant try to do non pop, also anti-pop is pop! so pop the goes the weasel and
the weasel goes pop!

"if you are able to give yourself work, means to be an artist, this high level of
selfcontrol and autonomy brings life and work togehter, to a ART WORK;" prof.
bazon brock [shitty translation from hans_e]


consists of:

new media underground digital POP STAR hans_extrem

new media POP STAR HANS 2002

new media chamelaeon POP STAR dr. luzius a. bernhard

new media multi-identity SUPER POP STAR net_CALLBOY

new media artist POP STAR hans a. bernhard

honorary prof. for aesthetics and mathematics POP STAR, luzius a. bernhard

cheap [toywar] maverick [vote-auction] business men hans bernhard

during and especially after the meltdown, then back in vienna, i felt very close
to stephen hawkins and john lennon and wanted [still want, maybe phsysics, maybe
rock n' roll...] to get a professorship of mathematics from the university of
basle, nietzsches first professorship university;]. sex plays a crucial role but
was obviously not in my meltdown-agenda as something more important than wank
off,, if lizvlx was there...; thats for later! i know it, in the swiss mountains
with high end water and air! your organs are gona bust and you will find sensual
and sexual spirit on top of mountains and in cold waterfronts.

"Pop is THE avant-garde of communications in a world that no one has to
understand" prof. bazon brock, germany

to go to sleep during ins0mnia is badly wrong, its e-logic and therfore i didnt
work.. yoga and my mantra breathing kept me alive; i stayed awake forver now! my
parents were on the phone constantly, my girl lizvlx too.. it was very exhausting
for them.. but for me, it was the ultimate exhauster, i was coming alive from the
dead; my doctors are my angels; i died a thousand deaths, with swords
decapitaded, with doctors in hospitals, I AM NOT AFRAID OF DEATH ANYMORE, fuck


i was highly scared that someone would take over my body and get physical
possesion of my brain, open it up, slyce it up [slyer.org is a friend i was not
scared but very honored to meet, he was taking care of me in a mental way, in
coded way, like damian, francois and the type01 guys and women; they were there
and stable!]; landed in zurich, in switzerland, i was extremely scared that
someone had implanted a bomb into my brain; all i wanted was a lear jet, fast,
jean alesi or some fucker on the ropes... i knew it was a bomb with a big smile
and heart in it, but howto explain; it is called psychotic, and you dont want to
be psychotic on an airport with your mother shortly before takeover and right
before customs; or schizophrenic like afterwards in vienna. i had best treatment
at the university clinicum, they understand how to understand to understand who
you are and to make you understand who they are and understand to understand,
they helped me a lot to understand about my meltdown and that it was to be
brought into orderly fashion by some drugs developed in my hometown of

__ lsd hoffmann did his LSD_research in my hometown of basle

i saw him once, he was in his late 80s, in a university shack room, talking about
2 hours about LSD and his research in front of young students and ME...

in africa, you come from where you are born!ˇ [ HANS = YALE HOSPITAL; NEW HAVEN]

in switzerland, you come from where your parents come from [HANS = SWISS MOUNTAIN
VILLAGE, HEIDI-LAND MAIENFELD and CHUR] AND where your grew up [HANS = 18 years
in basle/switzerland]

in the USA, you come from where you went to school!ˇ [ HANS = YALE HOSPITAL NEW
HAVEN + 5 years living in connecticut]

and in AUSTRIA you must live in VIENNA and you are an asshole but good working!

lilly 4117

the code for the neuro-community oterhwise search google. or so; the goal is
called affirmation, say yes to lilly, call your kid lilly, use lilly for

a little song:

oh lilly lilly, where are the gatt agtt gone with holly to make money?

oh lilly lilly,

HANS, net_CALLBOY hans_extrem brainhard etoy.HANS; luzius a. bernhard, h_e, HANS
A. BERNHARD will go into the ultimate fight: DAVID ARSON [me] vs. David Carson
[someone else]. arranged by ego-punk godfathers david arson, ken jones, lizvlx,
carl, ravi, li, anthon, tom, josh|uahhhh;; a 03 yrs offer with 5 euro million on
the table:

my CV::  born yale.edu hospital with 15,gen-lab + highskol midday yale-basebal;
between genetic researchas  + adler psychology,

you all made me!

etoy.POP such as WUNDERKIND, MILK, these are my songs.. for my EVERLASTING
INTERNET STARDOM;; sOguess for whom, next to the always beloved COCO???

i learned french+style+medicine for knees in vevey/ lausanne [lived with
antroposophes +bundesrichter, drove a lot of ski in st.moritz [gucci, agnelli]
and skied and lived in s-chanf, the super quite village next to zuoz, lyceum.

now;today/ april 2002  should all watch rambo 3liveonCNNnsjy  and read
zome flusser, cgi, chomsky and baudrillard [baudrillard said about ubermorgen:"
ubermorgen means the day after tomomrrow in german, a slight tip towards their
aesthetic and activist vision and prejudice, they are hardcore and radical in
their actions and they are extremely strange and highly intelligent people"]!
they play it, in real time,in afghanistan...its way better than a game-industry
HOLLYWOOD, and prayst4 will ever release; it's physical, its there; i guess.. i
watch,i watch,watch "wire head" by pfaffenbichler/novotny, a great great.mov
including etoy.VISUALZ and KURT KREN and HANS as actors; visit sofasurfers visual
genius vidok.org for zome more to come!

after the meltdown, the X-chromo performance for my private friends, very scary,
very hard to my body, but intelligent.. i know what my body can take after 20
years of beating it with alcohol, nicotin, salt&suger, cocaine, lsd, speed, bad
air, bad sex, too much food and whatever i did to punish my parents and myself;
and my closest friends; they will come back to me! like fassbinder and bukowski
will beat on my door one day. my therapist thinks i can choose, and she is right!

and the joy-ride with fear twice in the ambulance car, with always the same
question: "who is responsible for this, could you arrange that my brain will not
be sliced open and no cathether please, thanks, and you are sure you are
responsible, lizvlx was also in the ambulance, holding my hand... we were both so
scared about my schizophrenic aftermath of the great meltdown; it was probably
too much, because she did not know about it, she just felt it". so please forgive
me for this, and you must forgive liz and lizvlx if she leaves me in any
condition; even on the fucking street.. she is not madonna, she is not nancy, she
is liz, lizvlx, liz fucking queen taylor she is... queen liz#1

my body is dirty only by nutrition, NOTHING ELSE, no more alcohol [it goes under
your blood!], no tobacco or nicotin, no other mediacamentation such as NASIVINE
or shit; cleaned by neuroleptika with fantastic brand-names such as ZYPREXA,
DOMINAL, NEUROTOP, DEPAKINE ; they bring my brain into an orderly fashion,
togehter with my therapist and my psychiatrist; and my house-doctor, a classical
mediacal western doctor with chinese methods; the future is now! only
financially, the desaster is the master;


... always online - sometimes lost!

was one of our etoy slogans, probably the best, next to the absolutle truth:

leaving reality behind...

together - forever;


is it legitimate to be an artist ?


why not?

because you do not create enough turnover or profit for society.

is it legitimate to be a pop star?



because you create economical value and recreational moments for your audience.

so that is why you need to be a pop star?

no, i need to become a superstar in order to work quitely and productively! we
are all part of the revolution of the yes, this random pop revolution, which is
just pop culture mixed with intellectual culture, the products can be seen all
over the net, but simply said, we all need to sing together this one lennon song,
it will be overwhelming for the industry and for the artists but most for the

thank you for this interview, mr. bernhard part of a TIME magazine interview,

IMF meeting in basle, switzerland

the help for the poorest artists on this planet will be discussed, monetary funds
always come with structural guidelines and reconstruction rules, is this a way to
go to help yet poor artists working 16 hours per day just do be able to do their

|| synthesis ||

|| meltdown afta 30 years = +40 years/respect,network,money + neuroleptika =
orderly brain, fine body, perfecto-work, fine money and great sex || no need for
bad religion, my god is implanted into myself, it is my brain in an orderly
fashion! || fuck you! i love you!